Short Insightful Apprenticeship

12 05 2014

Endearing new relationships, spiritual journeys and a deeper insight into the art of traditional Moroccan wood carving are experiences Minah Khalil encountered over her two week, Fez residency.  Organized by Culture Vultures, Minah’s apprenticeship was under the graceful and chuckling guidance of Hassan. His inherited workshop encompasses an thick inner wall of old carved doors, frames, shelves and other crafted  treasures going to, or coming from, the interiors of Fez medina. Pilled high from floor to ceiling it is a museum-worthy installation in itself.

Day one our apprentice was having utilize a sports hand muscle builder as the practice of the chisel proves to strain a unaccustomed hand. Comfortable with a pen, hand gestures and a smile as a common language I left the scene of Mallum and Minah and a pot of tea brewing. By the end of the week she was in full flow, designing from her budding sketch book and filling every minute of her waking day.

Minah’s spring break fortuitously overlapped the Festival of Sufi Culture and her spiritual practice takes that very path. Combining the gentle teachings of Hassan, the practice of a blessed skill, round tables, sufi performances, recycles, (Dikr) and new found acquaintances this open hearted Culture Vulture was full of serendipities and smiles.
For more information on our artist residencies, in particular AiR Artisan follow this LINK>



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