Exposé Artisanal Crowdfunding Update

16 04 2014

This update, at the closure of the Exposé Artisanal crowd funding campaign, comes with much gratitude to the many supporters and artisan community that has grown with ease. We have all shared and indulged in many a magic moment.

By highlighting the crafts people, their personalities, tales and skills, these new companions  are at ease and pleased to share a piece of their daily lives, pinches of contemplation, strike a pose, quote a script,  proverb, or poem. Through Exposé Artisanal’s citizen reporters, the traditional crafts people and characters are being captured through relationship building and curiosity.  We have gathered the first phase of documentation, in written, visual and audio form.

A fortuitous collaboration between Fullbright researcher Betsy Bolton and ExposéArtisanal saw a day of storytelling and sharing, couscous and curiosity, tea, pastries and tales.  Videos of the stories told to us by some of the artisan community are soon to be released. This provides delectable and valuable content for the proposed On-line Museum, and Fez based pOpUp Museum. *

Discussions are underway with a study-abroad program to construct an online virtual map of Now we hope to bring in the harvest of Exposé Artisanal’s crowd funding campaign, to boost the amount of research material, fulfill a give-back vow to the artisans and post produce recorded material for presentation. the medina. This will enable the world at large to click, read, see and listen to the craftspeople.

 Artisans 2048 Shot 2-1

Hassan by Anaas Med el Issameli

The crowdfunding platform, Zoomaal, are open to negotiate a revised target for Exposé Artisanal collecting 5.000 dollars (half of the aimed target). We are close to 3.000 dollars with a few days left to boost, advance and share this project. Please lend a hand to us again and push this along towards the new target.   For instance, select five people from your contact list, who carry a souvenir in the heart of Morocco. Sending them a short mail with a link on the project can be a valuable gesture.  We, the ever-growing team,  are fervently committed to this project, enriched with new discoveries and old tales each time we plunge into the depths of Fez.





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