[Aside] Look on and take note; let his silence play a part in the story

8 04 2014
Sometimes artisans are tired of talking. They just want to get on, quite contently, with their work. Fair enough. Like this dear man, the last wooden bucket maker in Fez, who attracts many a spectator with his workshop being situated on the main thoroughfare in the medina. Who will carry on this craft once he retires? Is he concerned that he has no apprentices to keep the craft alive? Did he learn this craft from his father or another mentor? We don’t know these answers. Yet. I guess it’s up to us be like detectives and map out his story; or let this man’s life be swept away along with the buckets and saw dust that surrounds him …
For the 3rd “Shakespeare in Fez: all the medina’s a stage”, a quote from Iago in Othello comes to mind to match this week’s photograph.
Iago: Demand me nothing: what you know, you know: 

From this time forth I never will speak word.”

photo (1)


Alice Barnsdale.

Chief Editor Exposé Artisanal.



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