Exposé Artisanal’s give back pitch

9 02 2014
Exposé Artisanal-Community meeting last monday .Photo : Omar Chenafi

Exposé Artisanal-Community meeting last monday .Photo : Omar Chenafi

An important element to Exposé Artisanal project is the Give Back to the artisan feature.  Even though not spot lit in our proposal it is a factor that is important to our ethos.  This project is principally about celebrating and showing a wave of appreciation to the artisanal community in Fez.  Of course, there being over 30,000 craft makers in this ancient city we do not expect to shake every hand;  but by cultivating a community of citizen reporters, documenting many of the craftspeople, exhibiting the material and eventually publishing a book we aim at recognizing that what goes on and who are behind the doors.  The crafts people, their knowledge, tales and skills are legacy not to be dismissed and are of great value to Fez, Morocco and afar.

It was reconfirmed at our recent project presentation that many an artisan, especially on the tourist route or main streets in Fez medina, are regularly documented and talked about ( not to..) without any benefit to them or their business.  Often they do not even see the material that is printed or screened far from their eyes.  Expose Artisanal and Culture Vultures aims at giving back to the ‘muse’ and show gratitude to him or her by carrying out the following ®

  1. Presenting a copy to all who sat for a portrait in the art book by US photographer Hollis Bennett.
  2. Involve the artisans in our project’s progress.  A round table of craftspeople is planned and will be documented for all to listen to.
  3. A copy of the book Exposé Artisanal is planned to be given to all who are inside its covers.
  4. 10% of profit from the sale on the book Exposé Artisanal** will go into a sustainable creativity exchange program where artisans and artists can exchange ideas and approaches.
  5. Of course, the planned celebration for reaching our funding target ( inchalah) will have its arms wide open and the virtual red carpet laid out for the artisans involved in this project.
Maâlem Mohammed

Maâlem Mohammed

As you may read Exposé Artisanal is an arts and development program in many ways.  The inspiration and approach is fired by our admiration and respect for the people who have thus far opened their workshop doors to Culture Vultures and many an accompanying visitor. To you, we salute.

Jess  Stephens

Expose Artisanal and Culture Vultures Director


  • ®  As always, this is predominantly dependant on us reaching our crowdfunding target;  though seeds are being planted that if not we can pursue other avenues to reach our goal.  Help us realize this project and fund HERE
  • **working title.



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