Musthaves from Tameslouht

13 12 2013

We’ve written about our friends at Marrakech Musthaves before– Elke and Wietske, two inspiring entrepreneurs from Holland, visited us last May in preparation for the product line of their online company. Since then, we’ve worked closely with them to develop several artisan items, included camera straps made from leather and kilim fabric, sequined clutches and beaded clutches. The results were great, and we were so excited to share them with Elke and Wietske on their trip to Marrakech this week.


Yesterday, Elke and Wietske came to Fatima’s house and we discussed business! It was really cool going over each product in person, making small adjustments (lengths of camera straps, positioning of the flap on the clutch) to make the samples exactly what they were envisioning for Marrakech Musthaves. This was all done with a hot glass of Moroccan mint tea in hand, of course!

After agreeing upon the final products, we walked with Elke and Wietske to visit Ridouan, one of the artisans who works for a sewing & weaving cooperative in Tameslouht (and therefore fits under our umbrella of Zajal Designs artisans). As usual, our guests were stunned by the incredible designs Ridouan literally pulls out of a bag– scarves, blankets, and other pieces of fabric adorned with the most intricate patterns in the most chic of palettes. The ladies were especially interested in his wool blankets as colorful add-ons to some of their bag designs. Ridouan also surprised us with one of his latest works– a wall-hanging made from scraps of fabric, newspaper, and cassette tape ribbons. The effect was stunning. How ingenious is that?!


Last, we made a trip to the Artisan Ensemble in the middle of Tameslouht. This is the only artisan association in Tameslouht that has a building, and it’s conveniently located right next to the bus station– thus, making it the first thing that you lay eyes on when arriving in Tameslouht! Some very talented leather artisans work in the building, and we talked to them about bags, balgha (traditional house shoes), boots, and working with goat’s fur. Elke and Wietske joked that they should just rename their line “Musthaves from Tameslouht,” since our artisan town basically produces ever type of product they could ever need for their line. We couldn’t leave either without having Elke and Wietske pose in front of the GIANT Moroccan flag adorning the side of the workshop– that’s a Musthave from Tameslouht, if I ever saw one!


We’ll be handing off the final samples to Elke and Wietske this weekend, and, from there, will be working with them to supply Marrakech Musthaves. We’re really looking forward to seeing these two ladies succeed, and we love that we have an opportunity to be a part of it!



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