Morocco’s Ensemble Artisanales

16 08 2013

Morocco’s Ministery of Artisan provides every town and city in Morocco with an Ensemble artisanal ( craft center).  A facility beneficial to both artisans and visitos alike. The building provides workshop spaces for craft cooperatives for each local area as well as an exhibition and shop aminity. Visitors are invited to look around the workshops and this showroom is a great point for anyonr interested in the local and regional crafts to discover what skills and what materials are locally sourced. A big advantage to all parties is that the prices are fair, fixed and go straight to the artisan.

Marakechi Felt Maker

Ensemble artisanals across Morocco vary in their quality and diversity of portfolio. Marakesh hosts a large and assorted range of artisanal workshops that are available to visit as well as purchase crafts. A valuable insight into the skills and input into artisanal items. Check out the felt maker when there and discover how much time and effort goes into the production of a pair of felt slippers.

Marakechi Felt Slippers

A  fine example of how an Ensemble artisanal should be is the new Center in Azrou in the Middle Atlas mountains. Azrou is a town of approximately 50,000 people, located at the crossroads of the Fes-Marrakesh and the Meknes-Errachidia routes.  The name Azrou means “Big Rock,” after the town’s principal feature, a rock where Berber tribes used to gather for trade.

Their new crafts centre has recently been inuagurated  hosts a tourism office, a cafe, a multimedia room to encourage e marketing for artisans as well as a training room and the obligatory workshop spaces. The newly renovated building reflects the skills of architectural handicrafts of Morocco such as intricate zeliig( tile work), plaster carving and wood painting.

Craft skills that are typical of Azrou are rug weaving, pottery,´copper work and ceder wood carving. Azrous Ensemble artisanal also hosts tailors, iron work and much more.

For further information on Azrous Ensemble artisanal see

To book a tour of the traditional artisans in Fez contact Jess on

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Alternatively we can arrange a visit to Azrou and visit the new Ensemble Artisanal and its craft people.



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